Mountain Honey

Mountain honey- Melina has a unique quality, reflected in the exquisite honey taste.



Mountain honey comes directly from the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, where producing raw honey is a millennial traditional, way of life. People put their hearts and souls into honey making, beekeepers talk to their bees and Carpathian flora establishes a great natural context for honey producers.

When it comes to crystallization, honey crystals can be finer depending on the type of honey glucose content. The constant factor of mountain honey is its light or dark amber shade. Wood plays an important role in bees’ sustenance because it supplies the nectar and pollen they need. Underwood spring and summer flowers are often the starting-point of the classic all natural mountain honey.

 Properties and benefits:

  • it stimulates and regulates the digestive system;
  • it helps to soothe cough when dissolved in herbal tea;
  • it is an excellent source of energy.
  • it has a diuretic effect on our organism;
  • it has an hepatoprotective effect;

Mountain honey is good for children, sporty types and elderly people diets. Honey is gluten-free and it doesn’t contain either lactose or GMOs. In order to preserve its high nutritious properties it isn’t either pasteurized. Our product doesn’t contain artificial additives.