Beekeeping is an old tradition in the Moldavian plateau and the love for bees and honey has brought us to the point where we are now. ApiCris is a Romanian-owned company founded in Iaşi, the heart of Moldavia, in 2010. When it comes to honey –making ApiCris takes into account two important values : the beekeepers’ care and the responsibility for honey consumers.

We put all the care in the center of our passion for honey in order to offer you a high-end quality product . We have developed and refined our unique way of honey-making, driven by our unmatched standards for quality as well as our passion for creative excellence.

We proudly recommend our honey because it is exceptional in terms of the qualities being unmistakably fragrant in taste due to the specific melliferous area.


The main object of activity is the acquisition, processing and production of honey, the company being accredited for intra-community exchanges with bee products (H-70), the entire production and processing chain being ISO 22000: 2015 certified.

Our company owns its own certified beekeeping farm, a state-of-the-art laboratory plus multiple quality certifications . That is why the product range that we offer classifies as clean and absolutely natural, without preservatives, food additives or genetically modified microorganisms.

Honey is tested with Randox Food Diagnostics  equipments and it can provide a full profile for honey testing including antibiotics and a range of quality tests.

Quality of honey is characterized by three sets of parameters:

Organoleptic properties reflect what can be sensed and described based on sight, taste, smell, and mouthfeel. Those are: color, aroma, taste and texture.

Natural chemical composition of honey is formed by water, glucose, fructose, reducing sugars, sucrose, protein, enzymes and vitamins content.

Level of chemical contamination caused by residual antibiotics, pesticides and heavy metals. Added sugars like HFCS or artificial sweeteners can also be measured in our laboratory.

Sanitary-veterinary authorization and for intra and extra-community exchanges with honey and derivatives – H 70 certification.

Food Safety Management System with fulfils the requirements of the following standard: ISO22000 : 2005

ISO 22000 : 2005, .Food Safety Management System for processing of honey

Sanitary-veterinary and food safety authorization – plant laboratory for honey analysis

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management system for processing of honey ISO 22000/ISO 9001/ IQ NET/


We believe that honey is a gift of nature that people cannot improve but can be very easily ruin it, which is why at Apicris Natura we are always concerned to keep the qualities of this miracle intact.

Because we are fascinated by these wonderful creatures, we have our own beekeeping farm authorized veterinary sanitary, we support beekeeping and we practice it with passion and pride.

The range of products offered is clean and absolutely natural, without additions, food additives or genetically modified microorganisms, exceptional through the qualities and taste deeply admired due to the specific honey area.