Mint Honey

Melina mint honey is a rare treat and many benefits.



Romanian mint honey it has this origin in Danube Delta and is produced from the mint flower. Mentha, a word coming from the Greek míntha, is probably one of the best known herbs on the planet.

Mint honey crystallizes into a dense, fine buttery consistency.  It has one of the most powerful aromas of all the mints. But to our surprise, the honey does not taste like what you might expect, peppermint candy. In fact, it has a strong musky aroma, which, when combined with the menthol, packs a powerful punch. The flavor is strong too, but good.
It is medium sweet with a lingering aftertaste. It is a amber colored when in liquid form and lightens to a beautiful caramel when it is crystallized.

Therapeutic uses of mint:

– Cystitis, nephritis, pyelonephritis

–Asthma, rhinitis and allergic infectious

– Sinusitis, colds and flu adjuvant
– Migraine, headache.

– Mycoses

– Exhaustion, chronic fatigue

– Recovery after stroke
– Adjuvant in cases of pancreas / breast / liver cancer.

– Hyperacid gastritis

– Urinary tract infections
– Infection with Helicobacter

– Hiccups, gastrointestinal spasms

– Indigestion, dyspepsia